Resurrection: Pyramids of Bosnia (US Trailer)

“If we were deceived as to our origins, if they have hidden from us who we are, maybe we are living a life that doesn’t belong to us.”

-- Chris Nahon 

About the movie

The biggest pyramids in the world have been discovered in Europe -- in Visoko, Bosnia. These pyramids are older than the pyramids of Egypt, and two of them are taller than the Great Pyramid.

The pyramids are still covered by soil and vegetation, which has accumulated over tens of thousands of years. From a distance they look like natural mountains.

The pyramids are still emitting electromagnetic energy (free energy!). And the tunnels that wind beneath the pyramid complex have been proven to be able to improve the human aura and heal people with high concentrations of health-giving negative ions. The tunnels also have and an extremely high Bovis rating.

This long-lost high-technology ancient civilization offers us a chance, through the monumental structures it has left to us, to rewrite our past, in accordance with the truth, and to change our future for the better.



Born and raised in Val D'Oise, France, Nahon was keen to develop his artistic side, and by 15 he left home for Paris to attend art school. He worked as a freelance photographer for a time, then directed a short film before the age of 20, followed by a second one two years later.

The experience inspired him to create his own production company called V.A.M.O.S., which specialized in creating commercials. His production company went on to do post-production work, leaving Nahon to continue directing commercials for other companies. Five years after creating his company, he had completed his first feature film screenplay.

Although it wasn't filmed, Nahon decided to focus his time on feature film work, which slowed the productivity of V.A.M.O.S. For the start of the new millennium, Nahon was contacted by director/writer Luc Besson to direct his screenplay, Kiss Of The Dragon. He is also known for Empire of the Wolves with French actor Jean reno (2005), and The Last Vampire (2009).






Orbs and meditation in Ravne tunnel labyrinth

by Jock Doubleday 

Visitors from Holland talk about orbs they filmed in Ravne tunnel labyrinth in Visoko, Bosnia. And Semir Osmanagić, discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex beneath which Ravne tunnel winds, gives a group of tourists parameters for a 30-minute "lights out" meditation in the tunnel.


About the author

Jock Doubleday traveled to Visoko, Bosnia for the first time in the summer of 2011 to see the Bosnian Pyramid Complex. Now, in the summer of 2014, he returned to Bosnia to videotape and photograph the pyramids, the tunnels, the scientists, the volunteers, the artefacts, and the excavation process.

His blog, "An American in Bosnia," paints a picture of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in words and text. One of the articles on that blog, "The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch," tells the story of the archaeological orthodoxy's attempt to shut down the pyramids excavation project.

The idea of ancient pyramids in Europe throws a significant wrench into schoolbook history, and orthodox academics (the vast majority of them: 98+%) are outraged that they might have to learn something new and teach something new. His article, "The Seven Deadly Sins of the Archaeological Orthodoxy," details academia's methods of suppressing new information.

His book, "Paradigm Shift: The Bosnian Pyramid Complex" (publication date TBA) details the archaeological orthodoxy's 8-year attempt, and failure, to destroy the reputation of the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids, Semir Osmanagić (Americanized as "Osmanagich"), and to shut down any research into truly ancient civilizations in Europe.




In the Face of Great Evidence


by Prof. Catherine Acholonu

The vertical columns of inverted Vs reflect the exact shape of the two pairs of diagonally placed massive stones standing above the Mouth of the Great Pyramid of Khufu's at Giza. In the Giza pyramid, these stone blocks stand above the "Twin Breasts" at the Pyramid's main entrance. The Twin Breasts represent the Twin Hills between which the Sun God Atum-Ra rises on his daily journeys. The twin hills are called DN (DUN/DAN) in Egyptian and Sumerian, and they go back to the Twin Hills overlooking the Dunu Oka Shrine of Atum/Osiris in the Lejja Horizon/Shrine in Nigeria.

This inverted V-construction is called "SHISHE-HEWN" in Egyptian architecture. And it is the Sumerian letter SHI. When repeated as in the Bosnian examples, it spells SHI-SHI or SHI-SHE. Shishe is the Egyptian/Sumerian goddess of Architecture, Pyramid Building, and Writing. She was the wife/consort of Thoth who is the god of writing and the leader of the Khemennu scribes.